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Quality diamonds have 4 - 6 points that can be used. To receive the maximum diamond use and the maximum work out of a grinding wheel, never wear the diamond point completely flat. A flat diamond point does not dress, but crush dresses.


Dressing should start at the CENTER OF WHEEL - Dressing should always start at the largest diameter, which in general, will be the center. If dressing is started at the side of the wheel it is very easy to shatter and destroy even the finest of diamonds.

Angle of tool should be at a 10 - 15 degree drag in the direction of wheel rotation. Both would be held rigid and free from vibration. This prevents chatter marks which could easily ruin the wheel for use and might crack the diamond.

Use coolant generously.

Turn diamond dresser frequently to insure sharp points.

DRESSING: Bring diamond to high point of grinding wheel. Turn on coolant. See that a copious amount is flowing on both diamond and wheel. Start traverse feed 18" to 30" per minute. Take two or more passes across face of wheel. (Stop here if rough dressing is desired). To obtain finish dressing, continue from above. Change traverse fee to 6" to 15" per minute. Proceed with at least 2 passes at .001" penetration followed by one or two passes at .0005" penetration. (Stop here for good commercial finish). For super finish continue with one or two passes without further penetration. Remove loose particles from face of wheel by using a small piece of hard wood or fiber.

Diamond dresser should be on the center line of grinding wheel or 1/32" below, never above.

To avoid wheel taper, position diamond dresser as near as possible to the area where the grinding is being performed. When completing last pass of dressing operation allow same to finish in the same direction each time.

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