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Whenever a circular saw becomes glazed or loaded with soft materials such as uncured resins or fused dust, it can easily be cleaned.   The optimum cleaning method is to soak the saw blade overnight in Methol Ethel Keytone (MEK) and use a wire brush.   When excessive loading and or burning has occurred, a soft silicon stick followed by a rubber or cretex abrasive stick, held against the rotating saw blades cutting edge will usually abrade away the fused material.  When cutting or grinding material that is generally "GUMMY" or does not cut freely, it is suggested to use a saw blade that has slots and if possible, use water to wash away the excess dust to keep the blade from loading or burning.

All NATIONAL DIAMOND mounted saw blades are of 0ne-piece construction.  We do not braze, solder or weld our shanks to the saw blade to prevent separation when in operation.   Mounted saws are manufactured with continuous diamond or slotted to aid in cooler operation.   These special designed tools are normally used in hand trimming, grooving, slotting or I.D. grinding operations.  They are most efficiently used with air routers 1/2 to 1 horsepower rotating at approximately 15,000 to 17,000 RPM'S.   Both sides of the cutting edge are plated with a 1/8" return of diamonds which allows for relief to prevent binding.  In many cases, mounted saws can be recoated at a 10% savings, providing the old blank can be used.

When using a diamond plated router, the cutting action does not depend on sharp edges of the tool, but on the abrasive action of the diamond grit.  Fiberglass plastics quickly dull the sharp edges of any router.  The proper method of removing stock with a diamond plated router, is where the maximum depth of cut is approximately one-third of the routers diameter.   This will allow the tool to get rid of the dust it creates as fast as it is generated.   To To obtain maximum life out of the diamond plated router you should never use it as a saw.
Air hand tools as well as electric tools are suitable for all diamond plated routers, and on routers from 1/4" to 2", 20,000 RPM'S, and from 3/4 to 1-1/2 horsepower should be used to maintain proper speed under load and permit the diamond grit to scratch out the dust without undue pressure.  This will reduce the heat generated by the abrasive cutting action.   The high speed will also give you maximum life out of the diamond plated router bit.

NATIONAL DIAMOND, diamond plated hole saws can be manufactured from a one-piece construction for precision core drilling.  We can also manufacture these from standard hole saws such as
STARRETT, NICKLESON, BLACK & DECKER, MILLER FALLS, MILWAUKEE, AND DO-ALL, the teeth are removed and diamond is plated on the cutting surface.  On most material, the recommended speeds are as follows: 1/2" to 1-1/4" a speed of 2100 RPM'S, 1-1/4" to 2" a speed of 1500 to 1700 RPM'S, and 2" to 3" a speed of 1100 RPM'S should be used.  On 4-1/2" diamond plated hole saws, a speed of 600 RPM'S is used, and on larger than 4-1/2", a speed range from 250 to 400 RPM'S.  The slower speeds are being used as the material hardness increases.   As in most other diamond plated products, Diamond Plated Hole Saws can be recoated at a 10% savings, providing that the old blank can be used.

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